PhilFIDA Regional Office VII and LGU of San Francisco, Cebu Partnership for Cultivating Sisal and Salago in Camotes Island

Date Posted 10 May 2024

The PhilFIDA VII-Cebu Provincial Office, led by Provincial Fiber Officer Lionel J. Abella with Fiber Development Officers Engr. Rhea T. Villondo and Engr. Mary Ann T. Resane, joined forces with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of San Francisco, Cebu. Together, they organized a comprehensive training session focused on the cultivation and production technology of Sisal and Salago fibercrops. Situated in the municipality of Camotes Island, Cebu Province, this collaborative effort aimed to empower local farmers with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in fibercrop management. 

Under the guidance of Ms. Mila R. Ramirez, head of the Municipal Agriculture Office, the training shed light on the economic opportunities presented by Sisal and Salago cultivation. It underscored the significance of these fibercrops in diversifying income streams and fostering resilience within the agricultural sector. The event was not only a platform for knowledge exchange but also a testament to the commitment of both the PhilFIDA VII-Cebu Provincial Office and the LGU of San Francisco, Cebu, to promote sustainable agricultural practices for the betterment of local communities. 

This collaborative endeavor received notable support from various stakeholders, including Mayor Alfredo A. Arquillano, Jr., who personally championed the initiative. Mayor Arquillano's endorsement underscored the importance of prioritizing fibercrop development as a means to uplift the livelihoods of farmers in the region. By equipping farmers with essential tools and insights, the training session marked a significant step towards building a resilient agricultural sector capable of supporting sustainable livelihoods in Cebu Province.