1. Formulate and implement integrated programs and policy guidelines for the continued development of the fiber industry in consultation with the industry stakeholders;

2. Spearhead the harmonization of the programs, projects and activities of all sectors involved in the Philippine natural fiber industry;

3. Undertake research and development programs in support to production, processing and utilization of fibers;

4. Collaborate the formulation and development of standards for various commercial fibers that are or may, hereafter, be produced in the Philippines;

5. Regulate the fiber trading in accordance with the law thru licensing and registration of fiber trade participants such as traders, exporters, manufacturers and classifiers;

6. Recommend the accreditation of seed growers/nursery operators;

7. Accredit fabricators to manufacture PhilFIDA-designed machinery, tool and equipment;

8. Enforce the Philippine National Standards to include fiber classification, grading, baling, tagging and marking of Philippine natural fibers; and

9. Undertake skills development trainings and workshops to improve the technical and entrepreneurial capabilities of stakeholders.


We, the employees of PhilFIDA bind ourselves to uphold the Principles of HIBLA: leadersHip, Integrity, accountaBility, exceLlence and pAtriotism as our commitment and social responsibility in the performance of our duty as public servants.