Sustaining Heritage through Abaca-Based Livelihood Training in Handloom Weaving and Fiber Dyeing

Date Posted 05 May 2024

In San Pedro, Iriga City, a collaborative effort between PhilFIDA Regional Office V and the Local Government Unit of Iriga City was undertaken to provide the community with an alternative livelihood. Through a concise yet comprehensive 4-day training program focused on handloom weaving and fiber dyeing, eighteen (18) enthusiastic participants, primarily engaged in abaca farming, immersed themselves in the intricacies of these traditional crafts under the guidance of experts.

This effort serves a dual purpose: it provides avenues for economic advancement and supports cultural preservation in the city wherein in this generation, handloom weaving and fiber dyeing risk fading into insignificance amidst the rapid march of modernization. Thus, this training ensures the preservation of invaluable cultural heritage, for the benefit of future generations. 

With unwavering support from LGU and PhilFIDA, participants are empowered to transform their acquired skills into sustainable livelihood, thereby fostering resilience and prosperity within the community. This fusion of tradition and innovation heralds a promising future to enrich the fabric of life not just in San Pedro, but across the region.