PhilFIDA Conducts LGU-Led Training to Pave the Way for Sustainable Abaca Farming in Almeria, Biliran

Date Posted 05 May 2024

One of the regular activities conducted by the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) is the LGU-Led Livelihood Training. On March 14, 2024, PhilFIDA RO VIII organized a Livelihood Training on Abaca Production Technology and Fiber Grading and Classification in Almeria, Biliran, to equip local farmers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and skills on fiber grading and classification in abaca production, enhancing their farming methods to increase their income.

Twenty-five (25) abaca farmers, including members of the Mamanwa Tribe who have been residing in Sitio Palayan since 2004, participated actively in this training. This region is renowned for its rich tradition in abaca and palay production. The diverse backgrounds of the attendees fostered an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and community empowerment. 

Throughout the training session, participants eagerly engaged with various topics, ranging from fundamental agricultural practices to advanced techniques in pest and disease management, macropropagation, and fiber grading and classification. Mr. Jay-R Calinawan, representing the Mamanwa tribe, expressed his gratitude to PhilFIDA for organizing the training, emphasizing the transformative impact of governmental support on their journey. Following this training, participants were provided with free planting materials and ongoing assistance, underscoring the commitment to rural livelihood development and highlighting the potential for collaborative efforts to drive positive change in the Philippine abaca industry.