PhilFIDA and LGU-Carmen Collaborate to Boost Abaca Harvesting Techniques and Post-Harvest Practices

Date Posted 12 April 2024

In a joint initiative led by PhilFIDA RO XIII to strengthen the abaca industry in the region, a two-day training focused on abaca harvesting and post-harvest handling took place in Sitio Gacub, Hinapuyan, Carmen, Surigao del Sur, on March 5-6, 2024. This collaboration with the Local Government Unit of Carmen, is part of the Carmen Sustainable Agro-Forestry and Agro-Industrial Development Program (CaSAAD), aimed to equip farmers with essential knowledge and techniques for sustainable abaca farming practices.

Farmers from Sitios Tabinas, Bayabas, Gacub, and Barangay Hinapuyan gathered to benefit from a combination of informative lectures and hands-on demonstrations. The training covered crucial topics such as abaca farm management, harvesting techniques, stripping methods, and fiber classification, providing farmers with practical experience and valuable insights into industry best practices. Facilitated by experts from PhilFIDA Regional Office XIII's Technical Assistance Unit and Research Unit, including Ms. Marnelli F. Racsa, Mr. Alfritz L. Ceballos, and Ms. Psymie Madel F. Ceballos, the training was skillfully conducted.

The collaborative endeavor between the LGU Carmen and PhilFIDA underscores a shared commitment to empower abaca farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices. This initiative paves the way for the continued growth and development of the abaca industry in the region.