PhilFIDA Conduct Various Activities to Empower and Promote the Fibercrop Farming in Cebu Province

Date Posted 11 April 2024

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) - Regional Office VII has been actively involved in enhancing agricultural practices and empowering local fibercrop farmers. Led by Mr. Lionel Abella, Provincial Fiber Officer of Cebu, the agency spearheaded various activities within the province, focusing on promoting sustainable fibercrops and improving farmers' livelihoods. These activities included training on macropropagation of abaca planting materials, selection of sites for the Hibla Project, and demonstration of salago fiber extraction.

These initiatives aimed to equip farmers with the necessary skills to efficiently propagate abaca planting materials through enhanced propagation techniques. By doing so, farmers can enhance their economic prospects while meeting the rising demand for abaca fiber, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and preserving indigenous fibercrops. Furthermore, the salago fiber extraction aimed to diversify the income streams of farmers while contributing to the development of the salago industry.

PhilFIDA continuously endeavors to promote and develop abaca and other fibercrops, including salago. These proactive efforts are aimed at driving agricultural innovation and economic growth in Cebu province, ensuring a promising future for fibercrop farming communities in the region.