Bolstering Philippine Cotton Farming with PhilFIDA's Initiative on Bt Cotton Technology

Date Posted 05 March 2024

In light of the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority’s (PhilFIDA) dedicated commitment to providing the eagerly anticipated Bt Cotton technology to our cotton farmers—a technology proven to double production and exhibit resistance to notorious bollworm—a significant meeting transpired on March 4, 2024 between Dr. Satish K. Raina, Director of Global Transgenes and Chief Advisor at Nath Bio-genes from India and the Department of Agriculture (DA) and PhilFIDA officials, led by DA Assistant Secretary for Consumer Affairs and Legislative Affairs and Department Legislative Liaison Officer (DLLO) Atty. Genevieve Velicaria-Guevarra and PhilFIDA, OIC, Executive Director (ED) Evelyn B. Cagasan. Present at the meeting were also Deputy ED Ramil B. Barcelona, Cotton Project Manager Dr. Leny C. Galvez, TAD OIC Manolito F. Apalla, and one of the pioneers of Bt Cotton, Ms. Ma. Magdalena C. Damo.

This crucial meeting delved into various topics, including the target number of areas for Bt cotton production, Bt cotton demonstration farms in Regions I and XI, and plans for comprehensive training programs to enhance the capabilities of PhilFIDA personnel. Dr. Raina reaffirmed his commitment to fully support and assist the agency in this initiative.

The targeted planting dates for Bt Cotton in implementing regions, namely Regions I, VI, VII, IX, and XI, are scheduled for the 3rd to 4th quarter of 2024.

PhilFIDA remains resolute in its mandate to promote the growth and development of natural fibers, including cotton, with the overarching goal of uplifting the living conditions of our cotton farmers nationwide.