PhilFIDA Plays an Active Role in the DA BAFS-TSD Year-End Workshop

Date Posted 22 January 2024

With a shared commitment to advancing agricultural standards, the PhilFIDA Regulatory Division actively participated in the recent Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards Technical Services Division (DA BAFS-TSD) Year-End Assessment and Operational Planning Workshop held at Travelite Hotel Legarda in Baguio City on November 6 to 10, 2023. The primary objectives of the workshop were to finalize the priority list of Philippine National Standards (PNS) for promotion from 2024 to 2026, determine the corresponding type of dissemination strategy, and conclude the 2024-2028 BAFS Evaluation Agenda, including the priority list of PNS subject for impact evaluation.

Discussions during the workshop covered diverse topics, including potential amendments to the Consumer Act of the Philippines, specifically focusing on the regulatory side of delineating abaca products and raw materials between PhilFIDA and DTI. Other topics included clarification on the scope of Knowledge Products (KPs) for agencies and farmers, as well as prioritization criteria and procedures for baseline assessment/impact evaluation of the PNS.

As part of the workshop, agencies, including PhilFIDA, the promotion of Abaca Fiber Grading and Classification Standards is included in the 20 priority standards identified for 2024 to 2026, highlighting the significance of this natural fiber in the agricultural landscape. The utilization of a questionnaire to assess the evaluability of the proposed PNS showcased a forward-looking approach to understanding the impact of the developed PNS on the DA regulatory agencies.

The PhilFIDA Regulatory Division's active participation in this workshop signifies a collective commitment to advancing fiber regulatory standards, underscoring the importance of this natural resource in the national standards agenda.