PhilFIDA RO VIII Culminates Climate Smart Field School on Abaca Production Technology in Eastern Samar

Date Posted 04 January 2024

The Climate Smart Field School on Abaca Production Technology culminated on November 29, 2023 in Brgy. Buenavista, Dolores, Eastern Samar, marking the end of a three-month-long training period focused on new technologies developed and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in abaca farming.. The participatory learning scheme adopted during this training is designed to be applied directly in the farmers' abaca farms. A total of twenty-five (25) abaca farmers, members of the Integrated Network of Samar Abacaleros (INOSA), successfully completed the training, and each participating farmer received farm tools to be used in establishing their own farms.

Key figures present during the culmination event included the Executive Director of AMG Philippines, Pastor Hector Y. AraƱa, OIC Municipal Agriculturist of Dolores Ms. Ma Mercy P. Guerrera, PhilFIDA Regional Director, Wilardo O. Sinahon, Technical Assistance Unit Head, Engr. Jonathan Reambonanza, and selected personnel from RO VIII.

In his message, Director Sinahon highlighted the historical significance of abaca, noting its first encounter by the Spaniards when they landed on Homonhon Island, Eastern Samar, in 1521. He emphasized the crucial role abaca played as the main source of income in the province. Director Sinahon expressed gratitude to AMG Philippines for co-facilitating the event alongside the Municipal Government of Dolores. He assured the association that PhilFIDA is committed to utilizing all available resources to support them in their abaca farming endeavors.

As the Climate Smart Field School on Abaca Production Technology concludes successfully, PhilFIDA reaffirms its unwavering commitment to continuously capacitate abaca farmers. The three-month-long training has laid the foundation for enhanced farming practices, and we are dedicated to providing ongoing support to empower farmers and uplift their lives.