PhilFIDA Honors Employees with 25 Years and More of Dedicated Government Service

Date Posted 07 December 2023

A special segment at the HIBLA BIDA!!! The 2023 National Fibercrops Summit was dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions of 119 employees from the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA), spanning both Central Office and the Regional Offices, who have devoted 25 years or more to government service. This commendable gesture not only acknowledged their long-standing commitment but also highlighted the loyalty, dedication, and expertise they have brought to the government over the years.

The response from the awardees was heartfelt, sincere, and filled with gratitude as their hard work and commitment to the fiber industry and government service were being acknowledged by the agency.

Cheers and congratulations resounded throughout the venue, encapsulating the joy and pride felt by all those present, including those who joined online. The event celebrated not only individual achievements but also reinforced the sense of unity and purpose. As the organization looks toward the future, it does so with gratitude for the past and a commitment to building on its successes.