Ditta Sandico, a Renowned Fashion Designer, Showcased her Creations Featuring Designs Crafted from Natural Fibers

Date Posted 21 November 2023

One of the highly anticipated parts of HIBLA BIDA!!! The 2023 National Fibercrops Summit was the fashion show, where sustainable fashion made from natural fibercrops took center stage. Local garments crafted from environmentally friendly materials such as abaca, cotton, and banana were showcased, capturing the essence of a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Renowned fashion designer Ditta Sandico played a pivotal role, presenting her Spring-Summer Collection under the brand CACHE APPARELS.

On the runway, ten models gracefully paraded designs crafted from banana, abaca fiber, and other indigenous materials. For women, the spotlight fell on the exquisite Wrap & Kimona Banaca, a fusion of Banana and Abaca fibers, and the Mangyan Habol with Banaca material, featuring a distinctive terno sleeves design. Men donned Barongs meticulously crafted from Abel Iloco (made of cotton), seamlessly paired with Banana-Abaca material.

The Fashion Show at the National Fibercrops Summit was a captivating blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of heritage and progress in Filipino fashion. It served as a powerful representation of elegance with a Filipino heart, highlighting how fashion can promote heritage and embrace the future through our rich tapestry of fibers.