PhilFIDA Drives Silkworm Grown Age Rearing Training and Ceremonial Silkworm Cocoon Harvest in Brgy. Culao, Claveria, Cagayan

Date Posted 25 October 2023

In coordination with the Claveria Local Government Unit (LGU), the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority Regional Office I and Fiber Utilization and Technology Division (FUTD) facilitated the final phase of the Silkworm Grown Age Rearing training on September 6 to 7, 2023, at the Sericulture Center in Brgy. Culao, Claveria, Cagayan. The training's final phase focused on key activities like mounting mature silkworm larvae onto cocooning trays and cleaning beds and trays. Despite challenging weather conditions, all 16 participants successfully completed the training.

During the training, a significant achievement was observed: 95% of silkworm larvae successfully completed the cocooning process, while the remaining 5% were still spinning silk to create their cocoons. Following the training, a historic ceremonial harvest of silkworm cocoons marked a momentous occasion as Claveria produced high-quality cocoons for the first time, with an estimated value of Php 400 per kilo. The harvested cocoons, weighing about 1.4 kg, were transported to La Trinidad, Benguet, for drying.

PhilFIDA RO I proposed donating a 50KVA generator set for the newly established sericulture center to operate the cocoon dryer, requiring a 3-phase electrical connection. Additionally, one box of 3rd instar silkworms will be provided for rearing by the Bonnieville Farmers Association (BFA) members. The goal is to enable these participants to apply the knowledge gained during the training. Silkworm delivery to PTRI, La Trinidad, Benguet, is scheduled for the third week of September 2023 via bus shipment.

Future training and interventions at the sericulture center aim to empower associations and farmers involved in fiber crop production. PhilFIDA acknowledges the crucial support from LGU Claveria and the dedication of BFA members and officers. The organization remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the lives of marginalized fiber crop farmers in Claveria, with the LGU's cooperation, emphasizing the potential economic and cultural benefits for the community.