PhilFIDA-RO VII Conducts Geotagging Activities for Buri Palm Areas in Municipalities of Catigbian, San Isidro, and Tubigon in Bohol

Date Posted 17 October 2023

On September 13 to 15, 2023, the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority Regional Office VII (PhilFIDA-RO VII) conducted geotagging activities across several barangays in Catigbian, San Isidro, and Tubigon, Bohol. These activities aimed to identify and document existing buri palm areas, a critical resource for the thriving Raffia Fiber industry in the region. The success of this endeavor was attributed to the dedicated efforts of Ms. Shiela Suaybaguio, the Fiber Officer of Bohol, and Fiber Inspector Hermelito Malaran.

Geotagging is indispensable in government projects, providing precise location data and aiding resource management. It facilitates data-driven decisions, enhances transparency, and fuels economic growth. Moreover, it assists in monitoring project progress, making it an essential tool in modern governance.

Raffia, a young fiber harvested from buri, an endemic plant in Bohol, is a well-known and highly valued product in the region. It finds use in various applications, from tapestries to clothing and bags, both locally and abroad.

Central Visayas, a multi-fiber region, is a priority for PhilFIDA's efforts in developing various fibers such as raffia, salago, sisal, and maguey. The recent geotagging initiatives in Bohol Province underscore PhilFIDA's unwavering commitment to preserving the region's natural resources and rejuvenating the local fiber industry.