Supporting Abaca Farmers towards Sustainable Livelihoods through collaborative efforts by PhilFIDA, NAPC, and the Aurora LGU

Date Posted August 2023

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA), led by OIC-Executive Director Atty. Genevieve E. Velicaria-Guevarra, along with representatives from the National Anti-Poverty Council (NAPC) led by Secretary Lope B. Santos III and Mr. Wilson R. Oropilla from the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Aurora, organized a meeting as a united effort to address poverty and uplift the lives of abaca farmers in Aurora. The main objective of this meeting was to formulate a strategy and an impactful plan that would provide support to abaca farmers in Aurora through the conduct of training for fiber extraction and livelihood programs.

A total of a 160-hectare abaca plantation was established in Aurora as part of the Abaca Plantation under the Coconut Areas Project in 2021. However, abaca farmers are facing challenges during harvesting that hinder their economic progress. The meeting tackled these issues by providing training programs designed to enhance the capabilities of abaca farmers. These programs cover various types of training, ranging from farm production techniques to financial literacy and management, all aimed at ensuring that abaca farmers can maximize their yields and boost their income.

PhilFIDA acknowledges the strong commitment and dedication of NAPC and the LGU of Aurora in supporting abaca farmers, instilling hope for a brighter future within Aurora's farming community.