1st Semester Assessment-Workshop on the Implementation of TAD and IFED Programs, Activities, and Projects (PAPs) for FY 2023

Date Posted August 2023

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) is dedicated to advancing the growth and development of the natural fiber industry in the country. On July 25 to 28, 2023, the Technical Assistance Division (TAD) and Interim Fiber Engineering Division (IFED) successfully conducted consecutive assessments for the Programs, Activities, and Projects (PAPs) under their respective divisions at the Microtel, UP Technohub, Quezon City.

The primary objective of these assessment-workshops was to monitor the progress of implementation and address any issues and concerns that may have impeded the smooth advancement of the projects. During these assessments, several vital topics were discussed, including the current status report of the PAPs, the progress made in the importation of Bt Cotton, and the initiatives taken to advance fiber mechanization and infrastructure development as of the 1st Semester of FY 2023.

With a focus on constructive collaboration, participants engaged in thoughtful discussions to identify and address various challenges, ensuring a well-defined action plan to tackle them effectively.

While we acknowledge that challenges may lie ahead, the dedication and determination of the agency provide us with a strong sense of purpose and direction. Together, we forge ahead, firmly confident that the light of cooperation and unwavering commitment will guide us through uncharted territories towards a successful and thriving future for the Philippine fiber industry.