PhilFIDA RO VII and FUTD Empower Guio-ang Agrarian Reform Community Beneficiary Cooperative with Maguey Product Development and Scrunch Making Training

Date Posted July 2023

The PhilFIDA RO VII and FUTD successfully conducted a training session on Maguey Product Development and Scrunch Making in Brgy. Guio-ang, Guindulman, Bohol. The training was conducted for the officers and members of the Guio-ang Agrarian Reform Community Beneficiary Cooperative. The said cooperative is the group beneficiary of the Regional Maguey Fiber Processing Center provided by the agency through FUTD in 2018.

The training began with a short program graced by Mayor Albino Balo of Guindulman. The mayor encouraged the participants to complete the tasks and announced that the budget for repairing the two facilities had already been approved. Guindulman Municipal Agriculturist Geoffrey Gulay also challenged the participants to successfully finish the training and apply their newfound knowledge to create an alternative source of livelihood. Both LGU officials expressed their appreciation to PhilFIDA for the agency’s continuous support and cooperation with the LGU MAO, which benefits the fibercrop farmers in the municipality. Additionally, a rationale and overview of the project were presented, leading to the establishment of three structures that brought significant benefits to the cooperative. The goal is to encourage cooperative members to make the most of the center by utilizing its facilities and resources so that they will be able to fully experience and reap the multitude of benefits it has to offer.

During the training, the trainer demonstrated the correct technique for separating the strands of fiber, which marks the initial step in the scrunch-making process. Emphasis was placed on the importance of not cutting the fiber strands, particularly as maguey fiber naturally has shorter strands compared to abaca fiber. Following the lecture, a comprehensive demonstration of the entire process was conducted to ensure the participants' complete understanding of the product they would be producing.

PhilFIDA remains committed to empowering local communities by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in their respective industries. Through initiatives like this training, the agency continues to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the fiber industry in the region.