Department Special Order No. 272 Spurs Collaborative Effort to Develop PNS-Pineapple Illustrative Guide

Date Posted July 2023

In a commendable joint effort, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) and the Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) came together under the Department Special Order No. 272 series of 2023 to form a Technical Working Group (TWG) for the development of Knowledge Products of Philippine National Standards (PNS), particularly focusing on the creation of the PNS-Pineapple Illustrative Guide (IG).

The creation of the TWG represents a significant step forward in the agriculture and fisheries sectors. Its primary objective is to provide comprehensive guidance through Explanatory Manuals and Illustrative Guides for Crops. This crucial initiative aims to promote standardization and enhance the overall quality of agricultural produce, yielding far-reaching benefits for stakeholders nationwide. The PNS-Pineapple Illustrative Guide, in particular, holds promise as a valuable resource for pineapple growers, processors, and consumers alike, setting clear and well-defined standards to elevate the quality and marketability of Philippine pineapple fiber.

The highlight of this remarkable endeavor is the BAFS TV 3rd Episode, which will prominently feature the PNS-Pineapple Illustrative Guide under the intriguing title, "Hibla ng Pinya, Gaano Kaimportante and Kalidad”. This broadcast promises to raise awareness about the importance of these standards and their implications for the pineapple fiber industry in the Philippines.

To ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the PNS-Pineapple Illustrative Guide and BAFS TV, extensive photo and video documentation took place in  the provinces of  Cavite, Laguna, Camarines Norte, South Cotabato, and Aklan. The process aimed to harmonize the interpretation of the PNS provisions, utilizing collected videos, photographs, and relevant information gathered during field data collection. Under the expert guidance of PhilFIDA's Regulatory Division/Units and Fiber Utilization and Technology Division (FUTD), the BAFS team was well-prepared to embark on this significant undertaking.

The collaborative efforts of the government agencies showcase the importance of working together to create and implement national standards for the betterment of the agriculture and fisheries industries. By bringing stakeholders, experts, and enthusiasts into the fold, the PNS-Pineapple Illustrative Guide is destined to become an essential tool in fostering a thriving and sustainable pineapple fiber sector in the Philippines.