PhilFIDA Showcases Natural Fiber Products and Commemorates the 125th Philippine Independence Day at WTO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

Date Posted July 2023

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) proudly showcased and promoted the country’s fiber materials and products during the 125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence Day celebration at the World Trade Organization Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 20 - 23, 2023.

Prior to the event, the PhilFIDA delegates, Mr. Orlando D. Cocal, OIC-Technical Assistance Division, and Ms. Grace Aurora F. Pastores, OIC-Planning Division, paid a courtesy call to Ambassador Manuel Antonio Teehankee, the country’s permanent representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland. This meeting held great significance as its purpose was to discuss and finalize the preparations for an upcoming event.

During the momentous occasion, a wide variety of fibercraft products meticulously crafted using various natural fibers found abundantly in the Philippines, such as abaca, piña, silk, cotton, raffia, and buri, were featured. These fibers have long been recognized for their durability, versatility, and unique qualities. Skilled artisans have been using these fibers to make intricate textiles, fabrics, accessories, and home decor items, reflecting the country's rich tapestry of traditional designs and techniques. Visitors got to see the incredible work of Philippine fiber artisans up close. Different fiber materials and products endemic to the Philippines were on display, including intricately woven fabrics such as T’nalak and Inabel, bags, baskets, barongs, and filipinianas. The delegates received inquiries from different individuals interested in exploring sustainable markets for Philippine fibercraft products.

PhilFIDA is truly honored to have been invited as an exhibitor and extends its heartfelt congratulations to all those who actively participated in and organized the event. This marks a significant milestone for the Philippines, highlighting the country's ongoing commitment to sustainable development, international trade promotion, and fostering cultural exchange.