Bt Cotton to Catalyze the Revival of the Philippine Cotton Industry

Date Posted March 2023

On March 17, 2023, PhilFIDA submitted its application for biosafety permit for commercial propagation of Bt cotton GFM cry1A under the DOST-DA-DENR-DOH-DILG Joint Department Circular No.1 Series of 2021 (JDC No. 01, s2021) to the Bureau of Plant Industry. A letter of acceptance dated March 20, 2023 was sent to PhilFIDA informing them of the completeness of the documents.

In accordance with the JDC No. 1 s2021, the DOST, DA, DENR, and DOH Biosafety Committees (BC) shall review the application and designate two (2) representatives to the Joint Assessment Group (JAG), within ten (10) working days upon acceptance of the application.

Bt cotton is an insect-resistant transgenic crop designed to combat cotton bollworm  the most disastrous and economically important insect pest of cotton causing a substantial 65% loss in cotton yields. This newly developed cotton requires low level of pesticide to be sprayed on it resulting to more environmental benefits.

Bt cotton targets to address the issues with pests while increasing yields and delivering higher profits for farmers.

PhilFIDA is hoping for commercial propagation of this Bt cotton that will catalyze the revival of the Philippine cotton industry.